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Welcome to Health by Science, Pain Relief Burwood.

Have you been feeling neck pain, back pain, hip pain and/or knee pain?
Health by Science, Pain Relief Burwood has the solution for you.


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If any of these are familiar to you, we can help.


Medical research points to chronic inflammation as the cause of almost all pain.

Inflammation is the culprit in muscle pain, joint pain, organ pain and nerve pain.

When a muscle is injured, it becomes tight. Circulation is decreased, so that less oxygen and cell nutrients are delivered to the muscle. At the same time, toxic metabolic products including lactic acid are no longer adequately removed.

The result is inflammation.

The repair process produces adhesions and scar tissue, which lead to stiffness, more inflammation and to chronic pain.

The residual inflammation can remain in a joint or muscle for many years, with its attendant pain. With the removal of the inflammation, the pain will disappear.

For an injury to heal completely, it's critical to support the body's ability to rebuild damaged tissue and to eliminate the inflammation. Anti-inflammatory drugs do not provide this support, although they may mask the symptoms of pain and stiffness.

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